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Day schedule:


10am arrive and sign in.

Children will kit up and be instructed if it is their first time on skates. 

11.15am Break.

Fruit snack will be served in the café.


11.30am Skills/Games

More grades until Lunch time


12.30pm Lunch

We can serve chips with options. 

Or you can bring your own lunch.

1.15pm Skills/Games

Finish off any grades for certificates then play games chosen by the children.


2.30pm Roller disco

3pm home time





Suitable for all abilities from a complete beginner to children already able to skate.

We will play games and allow the children time to peer teach.

We can provide lunch too if you'd like.

There will be a fruit buffet in the break available to all skaters. 

Squash and water will be available all day, but do bring a water bottle too. 

If your little one is used to using inlines (don't worry as they usually transition to quads very easily.)

If they insist on using their own inlines that is fine too.

We only hire out quad skates at our skate hire.
We have full safety gear for them to use.

All children will be required to wear safety gear. 

A little about why we only use quad roller skates.

Quad roller skates, the ones with two wheels at the front and two at the back.

Quads are a lot more stable for the complete beginner as there is a wider surface area for balance. They have small wheel compared to inline skates, these are ideal for indoor use. 

Quad roller skating is actually more like Ice skating than inline skating, the way a quad skate is designed gives it the ability to perform an edge, which the inline skate can not do.  If you think about an ice skater that you may have seen on the T.V. The quad skaters can do everything that they can. It is just a little more difficult. This is why you will find quad skaters transition on to Ice quicker than Ice to Quad skates. 

The more you quad skate the easier you will find Ice skating, so another great reason to use quad skates. 


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