Starting from 21st June 2021




The Core is available for private hire for conferences, training venue and parties. Our Roller Skating parties are very popular, we try to make each party feel individual and more importantly relaxed and enjoyable.
We are very flexible in arrangements and will try to accommodate you in every way.


Private Roller Parties

Up to a max of 15 skaters for a 2 hour private hire:


Up to a max of 30 skaters for a 2 hour private hire:


Our private roller parties are strictly for 7's and over.

We are sorry we can't accommodate younger parties at the present. But as COVID restrictions are decreased this may change. Please keep an eye on our policies for this. 

We are sorry we can't help your little ones by holding them up or helping them with putting their safety gear and skates on, the parent that brings them will need to help them with this.  


When you arrive we will organise your guests with skates and safety gear (parents will need to help their own children with their kit), please bring your own if you can.

One of our very experienced coaches will lead the session and help your guests to skate safely. 

Everyone is taught about safety and stability on the carpeted area which will help build confidence as the carpet will stop the wheels from moving fast. 

Party Food Options 

Buffet baskets £5 each

Include a sandwich, crisps, fruit, veg sticks, biscuit, sausage roll (items may vary from time to time)

Please advise on allergies 48hrs before your booking

Hot Food - £5 per head


Includes Chips with

Sausage, Nuggets, Hot dogs, Fish fingers and veggie/vegan options


All food options come with bottomless squash and either an ice cream or ice pop.


Want an Adults Roller Party?

No problem, if you would also like a bar please allow us 15 days notice to apply for a license. 


Please read our COVID policies before you book. 

Once you have booked please advise all of your guests to read our policies and/or tell them yourselves to avoid any disappointments. 


The Core retain the right to refuse entry of anyone who has been in contact with or has symptoms of COVID including but not limited to a temperature which is taken before entry into The Core.


The Core Skate Hereford CIC

Unit 31 Foley Trading Estate



Company number 9060430