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Roller Derby is a fast paced, full contact sport played on quad skates on an elliptical track. It is played between 2 teams of up to 15 skaters.

Bouts (games) are played in two 30min halves that are split up into 2 minute jams. Each team can have 5 skaters on the track at any one time. That's one JAMMER and 4 BLOCKERS, one of these BLOCKERS is a designated PIVOT. 


Scores points by lapping members of the opposing team, they wear a STAR on their helmets. 



Attempts to hinder the other team's JAMMER whilst simultaneously assisting their JAMMER through the pack.



A BLOCKER whom has the ability to become a JAMMER if they execute a legal star pass. The skater will wear a STRIPE on their helmet. 

Come and skate with us and be part of something fun, fast and furious!!

We're looking to recruit anyone over the age of 18 to join us as skaters, refs, and NSO's!

Like to know more? Of course you do!! 


Junior session is 6pm-7.30pm

Adults (18+ ONLY) 7.45-9pm

You will need to sign up as a member at THE CORE to attend both of these sessions. Membership details are on the Members page of this website. 

WHAT TO EXPECT AT YOUR FIRST SESSION (Which is a free introduction)

  • An introduction with the coaching staff

  • Time to fill out your membership form (this is now online)

  • Time to fill out you waiver form (This is now online so you could do this before you come along)

  • An assessment of your skating skills.

Find us on 

Email Coach C-J

For more information

Hereford Junior Roller Derby

Previously known as
The Hereford Poison Berries.

Hereford Junior Roller Derby is aimed at young people 10-17 years who want to take part in Roller Derby.
Hereford Junior Derby has been home to 13 junior skaters who have taken part or been selected for the TEAM GB Junior Roller Derby squad for the 2018 World cup and the cancelled 2021 event.

You will need

Quad skates
​Wrist Guards
Knee Pads
Elbow pads
Mouth Guard

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