Welcome To
The Sipping Room

The Sipping Room is an idea I came up with while I was day dreaming of a brighter future, glass of wine in hand.


Thinking........ I miss my socialising sooooo much! Miss seeing friends.......Won't it be amazing when we can go out and have a glass of something?..... WAIT!.....We could do that now! Well not go out but stay IN!

And so The Sipping Room was starting to take shape!

It is still a VERY new project and will evolve over time. Changing to meet current needs.

If you'd like to see what we are all about why not book a PARTY. Or head over to the Facebook group!

While we are in lockdown this is entirly over ZOOM.

Once we are allowed to SOCIALISE (Can't wait) we will be able to organise Parties at your house, or at


Imagine that !!!!!!! 

The next event is on 3rd April at 7pm

We will be Sipping through some amazing Romanian wines. 

The Tickets are

£20 for a singles box or

£25 for a couples/sharing/NOTsharing box

(no judgment here, that's the one I'd opt for)

Email sambushkes@gmail or get in touch over facebook

or text message 07780117052

Please no phone calls Thank you xxx