You must be able to do the following


  • Skate forwards

  • Skate backwards

  • Turn from forwards to backwards and back to forwards

  • Stop efficiently going forwards and backwards

 Please book online and read our COVID policy before your class

Learning Roller Hockey will raise your skating ability and develop your core strength, balance and control. The classes will consist of skills/drills and cardio work that will challenge and encourage you to push yourself.

Adults session 18+ only

7.00pm - 9.00pm 



JNR Roller Hockey
5.30 - 5.30

This is for fun...............

Ready for a new challenge with a competitive edge?  We have been running adult roller hockey now for 5 years and have such fun. For the most part these sessions will be NON-CONTACT and as safe as we can make them. This is open to ages of 10 -16 and will involve skills, drills, practice, tactics and for the most part safe tackle free games to start with.

This is NOT a learn to skate session.

You need to be able to: skate forwards easily and with some confidence.

Stop at will in a controlled way

Apart from that we can teach everything hockey and skills related as we go. 

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