September Update

Wow, August went by in a blur. We have been chipping away at The Core slowly so slowly and trying to figure out how Covid-19 will impact how we run sessions and how we use this community space safely.
If you can volunteer some time please get in touch at or via Facebook.
OK so news
we have decided for a potential  date of
Sat 3rd Oct 2020
Keeping you safe is always our first priority. Unfortunately we do not have the money for all the covid Improvements we would like to have in place. We have written some funding bids and we are hopeful. More news as this develops.
Track and trace is probably needed as is booking online for each session as we might need to limit how many people we have for each session. We might have to charge a small fee for people viewing. Nothing is set in stone but we are committed to you the community, and hope you bear with us while we figure this all out.
As always take care of each other and stay safe x